You've got a great idea!
Wow! Now what?
How do you get it to market?
Do you have a plan? And so...
80% of businesses do not have a plan, and most fail.
You need help, right?
How about a step-by-step guide to help craft your plan?
We Can Do That!
Your business plan is your road map to success.
Business Plan Workbook
BONUS: Excel Financials Workbook
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Your Step-by-Step Plan to Success
Here's what you get:
Mod 1 - Personal Feasibility
Mod 2 - Vision & Mission
Mod 3 - Legal Structure
Mod 4 - Marketing
Mod 5 - Internet Research
Mod 6 - Industry & Customer Profiling
Mod 7 - Market Plan
Mod 8 - Promotions
Mod 9 - Pricing & Cash Flow
Mod 10 - Start Up & Sales Forecast
Mod 11- Bookkeeping Tools
PLUS --->>> Excel Financial Workbook ($250+ value)
Included worksheets:

Sample Household Budget

Personal Household Budget

Start Up Expenses

Operating Expenses

Gross Payroll

Payroll Computation

Retail Sales Forecast

Wholesale Sales Forecast

Cost of Good Sold

Cash Flow Projection

Income Statement

Balance Sheet

Purpose of Loan

AND... Private Consultations During the Process

80% of Businesses DO NOT have a Business Plan.... WHY?
Putting your vision in writing is daunting. Gathering all the material, doing market research, crunching the numbers and figuring out your break-even can be a nightmare. The process can keep you up at night and not because you are excited about growing your business. What if that could change? We know you can and we'll help.
This 214 page business plan workbook has been used to take thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners through the process of building their business plan successfully. It provides excellent guides and instruction, a solid product (your business plan) as a result and a way for you to track your progress in creating your action plans. Great ideas are a dime a dozen... it's all about execution.
We even provide a set of excel financial spreadsheets  integrated into a workbook.
You might find them individually elsewhere, but not fully integrated like these.
When you've got a solid plan, a road map with signposts, you can launch your business with greater confidence in its sustainability and thrive on the rewards it provides. Of the thousands of business owner we have consulted with, the business plan is by far the most important aspect that is often left out of the picture. Whatever the reason, start crafting yours now or use our workbook to tighten up your existing plan.
You will get 11 modules delivered over ten weeks, the first delivered immediately, giving you time to engage each one and not feel overwhelmed. The last thing you need is another unopened business manual, especially one so important. This workbook not only gives you a step-by-step information packed process, there are links to resources you'd spend hours researching just to find them. Thousands have found success using it in a classroom environment. Now you can have it at home, specially designed for the start up entrepreneur.
The amount of work that has gone into this workbook creates a huge value. It's like having a business consultant hold your hand through the process. That is literally worth thousands of dollars, right? We'll even include private consultation phone calls in the package to discuss and/or review your work to date.
The 10-week delivery is only $47 today.
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