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You know how challenging it is to grow your business when so many bright shiny objects are vying for your potential customer's attention. We know that, too, which is why we launched an on-demand targeted listener talk radio show. Once you've had the experience and have an evergreen product in hand (or online in this case), your relationship marketing just took a quantum leap.
Here's how...

The Podcast Audience Is Bigger Than You Think

To provide some context for what 21% of the entire country represents, 13% of the USA listens to Spotify monthly, and 21% of the country uses Twitter.

64% of podcasts are being listened to on a smartphone or tablet.

Listeners gravitating toward podcasts on the go opens up many more opportunities for consumption, including in the car, at the gym, and other computer-free environments.

Imagine the number of impressions you can make on 150,000+ listeners.

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